River Report to Early October

At the moment both rivers are seriously desperate for a good old fashioned flood to ensure that the season goes out on a high note.

On the River Wear Sea Trout are still being caught by our dedicated Sea Trout aficionados who have been out fishing in the wee small hours – with fish weighing up to 11lb being caught. Very few Salmon are being reported either caught or seen on the whole length of the Wear and this is a worrying sign. If any club member does catch a Salmon on the River Wear please inform the club as to its size, where it was caught and the method used as this will be of great use to the club in future planning.

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River Report to Mid-September

The River Tees has seen more salmon caught over the last few days and many salmon have also been seen in a number of pools. Even though the river still needs some sustained rains to bring the salmon up to club waters. Most of the fish have been caught on the fly with most weighing in excess of 10lb. Autumnal patterns have been giving the most success, among them Willie Gunn, Flamethrower, Copper Cascade and Francis Shrimp.

On the River Wear sea trout are being caught on a regular basis with the most dedicated of anglers now into 20-30 fish caught. The fish have been weighing in at the 6-7lb range with the odd fish coming in at over 10lb. Again, the river could do with a good downpour to bring more fish upstream and into club waters.

Low Barns After Closing

The staff at Low Barns Centre are to insist that all BADAC members MUST inform the visitors centre if the are intending to stay after closing time and have a key to the gate lock.

For members without a key – they are available at the Low Barns Visitors Centre for for a fee of £15 (this is refundable if you leave BADAC) and Low Barns are the sole distributor of the keys.

The Nature Reserve is open daily from April to October between 10.00am and 5.00pm. From November to March it is only open at weekends from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Remember – it is not the staff of Low Barns responsibility to go looking for a BADAC member, without a key, who stays after closing time.