Visit to Jock’s Bridge from BBC Tees

Our current advertising campaign in the local press has caught the attention of the BBC, who sent out someone from BBC Tees Monday morning to interview our club chairman, Leonard Hird who was joined be our head bailiff, John Atkinson. The meeting took place at Jock’s Bridge on the newly named Auckland Castle Beat where Andy Bell from BBC Tees wanted to know how easy it is to get into fly fishing.

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Grilse at Jock’s Bridge

Yesterday, just below Jock’s Bridge, a 5.5lb grilse was caught, the fish took a black and silver double, it fought well and was returned to the water to fight another day. Also yesterday, a decent sized pod of sea trout was spotted on a stretch of the nature reserve beat. Already there are numerous signs from reports that things are shaping up to be a busy season for anglers on club waters.

Salmon on The Tees

We’ve just had confirmed reports of a 20lb salmon being caught in club waters on the River Tees, at Eggleston Bridge. The fish fought long and hard and was returned to fight another day as the successful angler thought his catch would be better off in the river than out.

The catch was witnessed by a passing dog walker who watched the fight between angler and fish. Enough evidence, if any was required, that the Tees is well worth a visit for anglers wishing to land themselves the ‘catch of the season’.